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Oh, but it's hard to live by the rules

I never could, and still never do

Ri Ri SynCyr
6 March 1978
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The Mayor of Chubbytown!

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Southwest Burlesque Showcase 2009

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Kfog Bay Area Radio


Ok, so I am a silly little San Francisco girl who lived in Phoenix for FIVE YEARS, and just relocated to Albuquerque. I up and moved myself from my childhood, the streets I knew, and all my friends in the pursuit of graduate school, cheaper living, and life experience. I'm finally tackling that great big mountain called GRADUATE SCHOOL at the University of New Mexico! And I have been blessed to have kept the good friends from the bay, found a bunch that I thought I lost, and have made so many more on my way.

I have a loving and darling boyfriend who inspires and suprises me at every moment. I am lucky and in awe to have someone so wonderful in my life.

I am very active in many local activities including the local art, performance, burlesque, and sideshow circuits, and I also started my own Burlesque troop in the Phoenix area-Voodoo Betties Burlesque and Variety. I have a deep passion for the retro revival movement.

I just started a new job working for another nonprofit (my life's passion), but this one is a museum. I am surrounded by the history and future of nuclear and atomic power & technology. Politics, society, and social change are a part of my everyday life. If you don't think you can make a difference - tell that to the guy on the rooftops!

I am the daughter of a Scotch-English Jew and a Puerto Rican Muslim. yes, I am pretty fucked up. My mom is a classical muscician and, being raised solely by her, I spent most of my childhood in the pits of orchestras and backstage of all the Bay Areas largest and smallest theaters. She has given me a lot of strength, creativity, and vitality. What my Papi gave me is the attitude, volume, and depth of his latin culture and salsa music.

I am told time and time again that I am "the total package" but I am not convinced ;) - I enjoy the time I have on this great earth and revel in the glory of the company I choose to share that time with. You can either be one of those special people, or just be another bag of wasted flesh or food. It is just that black and white to me. Either you got it or you don't - and I don't care for the in-betweens!

I believe in honesty, honor, truth, compassion, tradition - and so much more - with very little patience for the ignorant, morally corrupt, confused, manipulative, or pointless human beings in this world who try desperately to waste my time. I am not an EMOTIONAL TAMPON. What I AM is outspoken, loud, obnoxious, judgemental, caring, loving, concerned, silly, creative, truthful, brutally honest, sometimes vindictive, passionate human being.

Face Value is all we have in this world - trust goes a long way - and I trust very few.

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